If you are unemployed, you may be entitled to unemployment benefit. To get unemployment benefit, you must be registered as a job seeker with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). You can register as a job seeker and apply for work on the website

Looking for work

If you are unemployed, you can find job advertisements and advice on how to apply for jobs on  On the same website, you can register your CV and information that might be relevant for employers looking for new employees. 

When you have registered yourself as a job seeker with NAV, your need for assistance will be assessed to help you get a job as quickly as possible.  
You can find more information about what to do if you find yourself unemployed on 

Starting your own business?

You can get financial support and advice from Innovation Norway to start your own business.

Unemployment benefit

Unemployment benefit is partly a compensation for lost income. In order to qualify for unemployment benefit, your working hours must have been reduced by at least 50 per cent and you must have had a minimum income. You must also be an active job seeker and live in Norway. 

Citizens from EEA countries who have had a Norwegian employment contract may apply for Norwegian unemployment benefit.

Employment status report

As a job seeker, you must submit an employment status report every 14 days to NAV. The report describes what you have done the past 14 days to find work. The status report can be submitted electronically via


You can find information about your rights as a worker on the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority’s website. 

Financial assistance (social assistance)

If you do not qualify for unemployment benefit, you may apply for financial assistance by contacting your local NAV office. The assistance is intended to secure people an income on a temporary basis, so they may be financially independent. You may also be entitled to housing benefit. 



  • Housing allowance calculator

    Norwegian State Housing Bank
    If you live in a low-income household, you may be entitled to receive housing allowance. Here you can calculate how much housing allowance you may be entitled to.
  • Order an exemption card or tax deduction card

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    You must have a Norwegian identity number to order a tax deduction card electronically. If you are a foreign employee, you must visit a tax office which performs identity checks in order to apply for a tax deduction card. When you have ordered a tax deduction card or tax exemption card, your employer will obtain it electronically. It will not be mailed to your home address.
  • Apply unemployment benefits

    Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV)
    In order to become eligible for unemployment benefit, you must first register as a job seeker at NAV. The earliest you can submit your claim for unemployment benefit is one week before the first day on which you become totally or partially unemployed. It is important that you do not submit your application too early, as it may be rejected.
  • Your Payments - NAV

    Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV)
    Here you can find information about any payments you have received from NAV during the last three months. See also information about payment dates on 
  • Electronic tax deduction card (tax notice) – how it works

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    The tax deduction card (your tax notice) is electronic. This means you will not receive it in the post and you do not need to submit it to your employer. Your employer obtains your tax notic electronically from the Tax Administration.
  • Er du arbeidssøker? Veiviser til jobbsøking

    Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV)
    Denne veiviseren fra Nav kan helpe deg i jobbjakten. Her får du hjelp og råd i den situasjonen du er i - enten du har mistet jobben eller sagt opp, er permittert, har stått utenfor arbeidslivet lenge, er ung og har lite jobberfaring eller har jobb og ønsker å bytte. Du får også råd om hvordan du kan få oversikt over økonomien din og informasjon om støtteordninger i forbindelse med reise og flytting. 
  • Resuming unemployment benefits

    Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV)
    If you received unemployment benefits in the past but have not received them for a while, you can reapply for these benefits by submitting the simplified application form. You may not submit a simplified application if more than 52 weeks have passed since you last received unemployment benefits.
  • Interest test

    Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV)
    This test is suitable for those who are young and need to reflect on and systematize their interests. The interests are divided into 15 categories. For each category, you can go ahead and find the career that fits. (In Norwegian only)
  • Job in Norway - guide for foreigners

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    This is a guide for foreign workers who want to start work in Norway. Here, you will find information including what you must do in order to start work in Norway and what you need to take with you when you go to the tax office.
  • Find job vacancies in Norway

    Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV)
    Here you will find all publicly advertised vacancies in Norway and all the jobs that employers have registered to (In Norwegian only)
  • Nordisk termbase


    Her finner du informasjon om ord og termer som blir brukt innenfor viktige samfunnsområder i de nordiske landene. Det kan være til hjelp om du skal arbeide eller studere i et annet nordisk land.

  • Register as a jobseeker

    Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV)
    Here you can register as a jobseeker with NAV.
  • Submit an employment status form online - NAV

    Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV)
    To register as a job seeker or to receive unemployment benefit while you are seeking work, you need to report to NAV every 14 days. You can do this by submitting an employment status form online.
  • Apply for housing allowance

    Norwegian State Housing Bank
    Housing allowance is a government-financed support scheme for partial coverage of housing expenses for households with low income.
  • Application for tax deduction card for foreign citizens

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    If you are a foreign citizen and do not have a Norwegian national ID number, you must visit a tax office which performs identity checks in order to apply for a tax deduction card (tax notice).