Getting married

Before you can get married, the Norwegian Tax Administration must check that you have the right to get married in Norway. Case processing takes 2-3 weeks, so plan ahead.

Personal declaration

The persons intending to get married must each fill out a form declaring that they fulfill the conditions for entering into marriage.

Statements by the witnesses

The persons to be married must each have a witness. The witnesses must each fill out a form to declare that they know of no reason why the couple should not get married.  

Previously married? 

If either of the persons to be married has been married before, they must fill out a declaration of separation form. 

Changing your name?

If you wish to change your name, you must fill out the change of name form.  

Remember, you will need to get a new passport if you change your name. 

Certificate of no impediment

All completed forms must be sent to your local tax office, who will then process your case and if you fulfill the requirements to get married in Norway, they will send you a certificate of no impediment. 

Once you have received your certificate of no impediment, you must send it to the wedding official who is going to perform your wedding ceremony. If you include the address of your wedding official on the personal declaration form, the Norwegian Tax Administration will send the certificate directly to them.  

The wedding ceremony

You can choose the type of wedding ceremony you prefer, for example, you may choose to have a church wedding or a civil wedding ceremony. From 1 January 2018, Norwegian municipalities are responsible for civil wedding ceremonies

Marriage certificate

After the marriage ceremony has taken place, the wedding official must send the documents to the Norwegian Tax Administration. The Norwegian Tax Administration will then send you a marriage certificate. 

Marriage settlements

It is possible to draw up marriage agreements in Norway to regulate the ownership of a couple’s assets/property. If this is not done, assets/property are automatically regulated by Norwegian marriage legislation. 

Marriage abroad

You can find more information about marriage abroad and marriage with a foreign citizen on the Norwegian Tax Administration’s website.



  • Passport application

    National Police Directorate
    To apply for a Norwegian passport, you must apply in person by going to a police station in Norway. To renew a foreign passport, you must contact your home country's embassy or consulate in Norway.
  • Marriage certificate

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    All persons who marry are sent a marriage certificate from the Tax Office once the marriage has been registered. You can order a certified copy here. 
  • Reporting a move within Norway

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    If you move house within Norway, you must notify the Tax Administration within 8 days of your move. The Tax Administration is responsible for the National Population Register.
  • Permanent change of address notification to Norway Post

    Posten Norge AS
    If you have a new address, you should register your change of address with Norway Post to ensure that your post is delivered correctly. If you plan to live in Norway for more than six months, you must report your relocation to Norway to the National Registry (Norwegian Tax Administration) no later than eight days after your arrival. 
  • Change of name

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    You can change your first name, middle name and last name. Note that the middle name is not a first name. Names which can be used as a surname, may also be taken as a middle name.
  • Forms for entering into marriage

    Ministry of Children and Equality
    Here you will find the forms that should be filled in when applying to get married in Norway. The completed forms should be sent to the Norwegian Tax Administration.
  • Conveyance form - transfer of fixed property

    Norwegian Mapping Authority

    The conveyance form can be found here (In Norwegian only). This form should be completed and registered when a fixed property is to be transferred from one person to another, in connection with a sale, gift or other voluntary transfers.

  • Getting married in Norway

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    Before you can get married, the Norwegian Tax Administration must check whether you meet the conditions for entering into marriage according to Norwegian law. To do this, they require you to submit a number of documents. The process takes at least 2 to 3 weeks.