About the digital mailbox

Digital mailbox from Digipost or e-Boks is a secure and easy way to receive mail from public agencies digitally. Letters in the mailbox can be stored there for as long as you wish and is free of charge.

With a digital mailbox, you help the public to spend the community's money on things other than postage, paper and transport, while also helping to save the environment. Smart to you - smart for everyone!

Your own municipality and over 800 other public companies send letters digitally. If you have created your own digital mailbox, you can receive and store important documents and always have them easily accessible on mobile or PC.

  • You can receive letters from, for example, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, the Norwegian Armed Forces, NAV, your municipality, the police and many other agencies in one place - your mailbox.

  • Digital mail is faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than letters on paper.

  • Digital mailbox is secure. You may receive letters with sensitive information that cannot be sent by regular e-mail because it is not secure enough.

  • You will not receive advertising in your digital mailbox.

The public sector needs to reach you as a resident in various situations, depending on your age, stage of life and whether you are moving to another municipality. Examples of documents:

  • Letter from the municipality
  • Notification of EU control of vehicles
  • Letters from hospitals and other parts of the health service
  • Invitation to health examinations
  • Letter from NAV
  • Digital electoral card for Storting and local elections

  1. Use your electronic ID, such as BankID.

  2. Choose either Digipost or e-Boks

    Follow the guide from Digipost or e-box to create your mailbox.

  3. When you are done, you get an SMS confirming your choice of mailbox.


Do you need help? 

User support for digital mailboxes and ID-porten:
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 09:00–15:00
Telephone number: 800 30 300

E-mail: brukerstotte@digdir.no 
Online chat: Talk directly with the user support (only available during opening hours)

User support Digipost:  

Digipost: (https://www.digipost.no/hjelp/)  
e-mail: kundeservice@digipost.no or tel. 22 03 00 00 

User support e-Boks:  

e-Boks: (http://www.e-boks.no/help.aspx)   
e-mail: kontaktskjema or tel. 22 89 85 04  

You do not need to check whether letters from the government have arrived in your digital mailbox. Every time the municipality or the state sends you mail, you will receive a notification by SMS or e-mail. To open and read your mail, use the same login that you are used to when you check your tax return or use other public services online.

  • When you receive new mail, you will be notified by SMS or e-mail.
  • To open and read the letter, go to the website of your chosen mailbox, digipost.no or eboks.no.
  • Log in to the mailbox via the ID-porten.

You can also download an app from both Digipost and e-Boks to easily read letters on mobile or tablet.

  • You can only have one mailbox for mail from the public sector, and you must either choose Digipost or e-Boks.

  • Just as you can choose between different banks and power suppliers, you can choose the mailbox that is best for you.

  • The mailboxes from Digipost and e-Boks are equal and both meet strict safety requirements.

  • The biggest difference between the two mailboxes is which private businesses you can receive digital mail from. The mailboxes also have different designs and some different functionality. You can read more about this on the websites of the two mailboxes.

  • You can easily change mailbox later if you wish.

  • See which private senders send to  e-Boks og Digipost.

  • Letters containing health information or other sensitive information cannot be sent by regular e-mail because it is not secure enough.

  • Whether you choose a digital mailbox from e-Boks or Digipost, the public letters are sent encrypted.

  • It also means that they are stored securely so that only you have access to your own mail.

  • With e-Boks or Digipost, you can also receive digital mail from private businesses in the same place as you receive mail from the public sector.

  • The privacy policy explains how the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency collects and uses the information in the common contact register and digital mailbox.

Reservation against digital communication

If you wish to receive important letters from the public sector on paper, you must opt out of online communication. But if you have never used a public online service that requires logging in via the ID portal, you will still receive your mail from the public on paper. You then do not need to make a reservation.

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