About the digital mailbox

When you create a digital mailbox with e-Boks or Digipost, central and local government can send you mail digitally. You yourself choose which of these mailboxes that suits you best. It's secure and easy to receive mail from public agencies digitally. Letters in the mailbox can be stored there for as long as you wish.

This is the digital mailbox

A digital mailbox is a secure solution for receiving and storing important mail digitally. Letters with decisions, health information and other sensitive information can't be sent using regular e-mail, because it isn't sufficiently secure. At e-Boks and Digipost public agencies send letters in encrypted format, and they are stored securely so that you are the only one with access to your own mail. 

With a digital mailbox from providers e-Boks or Digipost, you can also receive digital mail from private enterprises at the same place where you receive mail from public agencies.

This is what you get with a digital mailbox:

  • You receive mail digitally in a secure manner. Regular e-mail isn't a sufficiently secure method of sending mail. If you are to receive important letters from public agencies digitally, you'll need a digital mailbox.
  • You get mail from public agencies in one place. With a digital mailbox, you can gather mail from public agencies in one secure location. You can keep mail for as long as you wish. Creating and using the mailbox is free of charge. 
  • You conserve the environment and reduce public expenditure. With a digital mailbox, you help the public sector save money for other use than postage, paper and transport, while also contributing to conserving the environment.

Choose between two equivalent mailboxes

You can choose between two mailboxes – Digipost or e-Boks. The mailboxes have equal status and both meet stringent security requirements. In the same manner as you choose between different banks or electricity suppliers, you can choose the mailbox that best suits you.

The major difference between the two mailboxes is which private enterprises you can receive digital mail from. The mailboxes also have different designs and somewhat different features. You can find more information about this at the two mailboxes' websites. If you change your mind with regard to which mailbox you want to use, you can easily switch mailbox provider.

See which private enterprises send to e-Boks and Digipost.

This is what you can get in your digital mailbox

More than 600 central and local government agencies already send mail digitally. For example, you can get a criminal record certificate from the Norwegian Police and payment notifications and decisions from Nav. 

You will not receive advertisement in the digital mailbox.

Privacy Policy for the digital mailbox and the Contact and Reservation Register explains how the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency collects and uses information stored in the register.

How to open and read your mail

You don't need to check whether letters from the public sector have arrived in your digital mailbox. Every time  a municipality or central government agency sends you mail, you'll be notified by SMS or e-mail. To open and read your mail, you use the same login as you use when checking your tax return or use other public services online.

  • When new mail arrives, you'll be notified by SMS or e-mail. 
  • Go to the home page of your selected mailbox to open and read the letter. 
  • Log in to the mailbox via the ID portal.

You can also download an app from both Digipost and e-Boks for easy access to mail on smartphones or tablets.

Opting out

By creating a mailbox, you're ready to receive digital mail when a public agency needs to send you something. If you don't create a digital mailbox with e-Boks or Digipost, you'll receive mail on paper or by logging into the public agencies' own portals. If you want to be sure of receiving important letters from public agencies on paper, you must opt out of digital communication. 


How to get a digital mailbox

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