About norge.no

Norge.no is a guide to digital public services in Norway. The portal presents services from national and local government agencies. You can also find information about how public authorities communicate digitally with citizens.

Gateway to digital services in Norway

Norge.no links to digital public services across all sectors and levels of public administration in Norway. These digital services can be found via a search function, a topic menu or eight defined life situations.

Norwegian authorities at central government and most of the municipalities communicate digitally with citizens. Norway’s secure digital mailbox system is an important tool in enabling this to happen. Norge.no is, therefore, the main source of information for citizens on how to choose and set up a secure digital mailbox. 

To set up a secure digital mailbox, citizens need to have an electronic ID and to have their digital contact information registered in the Contact and Reservation Register. More information about this is available via the “Digital citizen” drop-down menu above.

Digital communication by default

Digital communication by default means that digital communication is the standard method of communication between public authorities and citizens in Norway. Norwegian e-government regulations, which came into force on 7 February 2014, have made this possible. The change from paper to digital communication aims to make daily life for citizens easier and public services better and quicker.

Contact and Reservation Register

An official Contact and Reservation Register has been established to help Norwegian public authorities communicate digitally with citizens. The register contains mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses of citizens in Norway. The register is used to send notifications when important letters and documents have been sent to citizens digitally.

Via Norge.no, you can update your mobile phone number and e-mail address in the register. You can also learn about communicating digitally with Norwegian public authorities, or how to opt out of the digital communication scheme, if you wish. If you need any help with this, please contact our user support on telephone number 800 30 300 if you are calling from outside Norway) or by e-mail to brukerstotte@digdir.no.

Digital mailbox

Norway’s secure digital mailbox scheme allows citizens to receive official documents digitally rather than via paper mail. A digital mailbox also functions as a secure digital archive, so you can easily find important documents from public agencies whenever you need them, wherever you are.

There are two approved digital mailbox solutions for citizens in Norway: Digipost and e-Boks. Both are approved by the Norwegian Government and comply with strict security standards. You can choose whichever one suits your preferences best.

Responsibility for digital services

Public authorities in Norway are responsible for developing and running their respective digital services. In addition, they are responsible for providing citizens with relevant information and guidance on how to use their digital services and how to find related services. 


ID-porten log-in system is used to log into the majority of digital public services shown on Norge.no. Read more about security and data protection.  If you have any questions about logging into digital public services, you can contact ID-porten user support service on telephone number 800 30 300 (+47 57 65 50 60 if you are calling from outside Norway) or by e-mail to brukerstotte@digdir.no.


Norge.no’s editorial team follows the language guidelines set by the Language Council of Norway. These guidelines specify that 25 % of written text that describes public services should be written in Nynorsk Norwegian. Therefore, on Norge.no, you will find a mix of both Bokmål Norwegian and Nynorsk Norwegian.

Norge.no has also an English language version, though not all the registered digital services are available in English. If an English version of a digital service is not available, the Norwegian version will be shown.

Open Data

Content from previous versions of Norge.no is available via the National Data Catalog, data.norge.no. The data includes national and local public authority information with related hierarchical structure data, contact information data and geographical location data. However, please note, this data is no longer updated by the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency.  

Cooperation point for public authorities

Public authorities with digital services on Norge.no can check the running status and other information relating to their digital services via the cooperation point, Samarbeidsportalen. All public authorities which use ID-porten log-in system have access to this portal.