To study at a university or college in Norway, Norwegians must normally have completed their basic and upper secondary education. Some courses of study have additional entrance requirements. Entrance requirements for foreign students vary, depending on their country of origin’s education.

How to apply

Norwegians apply for university or college places via the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS). Foreign students apply directly to the university or college offering their preferred course of study. More information about how foreign students can apply for a course of study is available on the website.

Digital diplomas

Students who completed their upper secondary education at a Norwegian school in the year 2000 or later can get a digital copy of their school diploma, from the National Diploma Database.  

Student loans and grants

You can apply for a study loan or grant from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen), if you attend a state approved college or university.

Work experience 

If you lack the necessary educational qualifications to get into a Norwegian university or college, you may still be admitted based on your work experience and skills. 

Enrolment after main offer round

Each year, after the main round of offers has been completed, several study places remain unfilled at colleges and universities around Norway. It is possible to apply for a place on courses that have unfilled study places. 



  • Bistand fra NAV for å komme i arbeid

    Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV)

    Her finner du informasjon og søknadsskjema til stønader fra NAV for å komme i arbeid. Det gjelder skjema for dokumentasjon av utgifter til utdanning, egenvurdering av arbeidsevnen, søknad for å beholde dagpenger mens du er skoleelev eller student og innsending av kjøreliste, jobblogg eller annen dokumentasjon i forbindelse med oppfølging fra NAV. 

  • Report a new or changed postal address

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    You can add or change your postal address if you want the letters from the public authorities sent there rather than to the address you are registered at in the national register. You can add or change the postal address by sending us a message using our contact form. If you don't have the possibility to log in, you can send us the form on paper.
  • Your Europe

    European Commission

    Your Europe is an EU site designed to give help and advice for EU nationals and their family. This includes advice for moving, living, studying, working, shopping or simply travelling abroad.