In order to use digital services from Norwegian public agencies, you must have an electronic identification, e-ID, to be able to log in. An electronic identification, like MinID, is an electronic way of proving one's identity on the internet.

Once you have receiced the activation letter follow the instructions there. 

  • Download and open the MinID app from Google Play or the App Store 
  • Click "Get Started" 
  • Enter your national ID number. Click "Next" 
  • Scan the activation code (QR) with camera. NB! You must allow the camera to use the app 
  • Create a personal password 
  • Enter mobile number. Click "Next" 
  • Enter email address. Click "Next" 

You are now registered as a MinID app user. The next time you log in, you can use your phone to approve the login.

For those who do not want or cannot use the MinID app, there is an alternative. 

With a MinID you can, for example 

  • Apply for a place in upper secondary education. 

  • Apply for a scholarship in Lå 

  • Sign agreements, contracts and other important documents digitally. 

  • Report a move or change your tax card at 

Electronic IDs are available at different security levels, and thus give access to slightly different types of services. MinID is at a medium-high security level ("Significant"), and can be used for many public services, but not for health services at, for example. BankID, Buypass and Commfides, which can also be used for public services, are at the highest security level (“High”) and give access to all public services. 

You can read more about the options that provide access to public services at . For more information and user support about MinID, go to .

Kvinne med bankkort
4.6 million people use their electronic ID to log into services via ID-porten log-in system. The system is used by more than 1000 public agencies and gives access to more than 4000 digital services.