Update your contact information

Your mobile phone number or e-mail address must be registered in the Norwegian Digital Contact Information Register, if you want to get mail from public authorities sent to your digital mailbox. You can update your contact information yourself, and you do it in just one place.

Updating your contact information 

Log in and check that Norwegian public authorities have your correct mobile phone number or e-mail address.  

Update contact information

Get SMS and e-mail notifications

When a public authority sends an important letter to your digital mailbox, a notification is sent to the mobile phone number or e-mail address you have registered in the Norwegian Digital Contact Information Register. You can register your mobile phone number or e-mail address, or both. It is equally important to keep your digital contact information up-to-date as it is to keep your residential address updated in the National Population Register. 

Service messages and civic information 

By using your digital contact information, public authorities can also send you service messages and civic information. For example, you can get SMS or e-mail reminders telling you about your doctor appointments, changes to your water supply, or when your municipality plans to clear snow from your street, so you can move your car in time.  

Norwegian Digital Contact Information Register

The Norwegian Digital Contact Information Register contains mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses of citizens wanting to communicate digitally with Norwegian public authorities. For those who have chosen digital mailbox, the choice of mailbox is registered. For those who have chosen to opt out of digital communication, this is also registered with us.

Only municipal and central government agencies in Norway may use the information in the register. 

How to be included in the register

If you have never logged into a public digital service, your contact information details will not be included in the register. If you wish to be included in the Digital Contact Information Register, you need to get an electronic ID, and create a user profile via the ID-port log-in system.

Last updated: 
17 February 2017