Moving home

When you move home, you must report the change of your address to the National Population Register (folkeregisteret), within 8 days of your move. The National Population Register is managed by the Norwegian Tax Administration (skatteetaten).

Different rules apply for how you should register your move and change of address, depending on where you move to or from, for example whether you move within Norway, within the Nordic countries or to countries outside the Nordic countries. 

Moving to Norway 

If you move to Norway and intend to stay more than 6 months, you must report your relocation to the National Population Register within 8 days of your arrival in Norway . 

You do not need to report a move if you will be staying in Norway for less than six months. However, you must apply for a tax deduction card if you intend to work in Norway. If you are commuting to a country within the EEA area, you may be exempt from the requirement to register your residential address in Norway, provided certain conditions are met.

Moving within Norway 

You must send a change of address notification to the National Population Register within 8 days of your move. You may also report your change of address to the National population registry and Posten at the same time on

Moving from Norway to another Nordic country

You need only report your move to the authorities in the Nordic country to which you move (Sweden, Iceland, Finland or Denmark – including the Faeroe Islands and Greenland).  Information about moving to the Nordic countries is available on the website.

Moving from Norway to a country outside the Nordic countries

You must notify the National Population Register of your move abroad to a country outside the Nordic countries.  



  • Notification of new or changed postal address in Norway and/or abroad

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    You can add or change a postal address if you want post from the public sector to be sent there instead of your address registered with the National Population Register. This also applies even if you live abroad. 
  • Moving within Norway

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    If you intend to move within Norway, you must send a change of address notification to the National Population Register (folkeregisteret) no later than eight days after you have moved. The National Population Register is managed by the Norwegian Tax Administration.
  • Find or change your regular GP / family doctor

    Everyone who wishes to do so, may have a regular General Practitioner (GP). The majority of people who reside in Norway are entitled to a regular GP. You may select and change your regular GP doctor yourself by either logging in to the website ("Bytte fastlege"). You may change your regular GP twice per calendar year.
  • Appeal of appraisor

    Reklamasjonsnemnda for takstmenn
    You can complain about the work and behavior of an appraisor in connection with the valuation of residential and holiday homes. (In Norwegian only)
  • Reporting a move from Norway

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    You must notify the tax office in Norway if you intend to leave Norway to go to a country outside the Nordic countries. If you are moving to another Nordic country, the move only needs to be reported in the country you are moving to.
  • Report a move to Norway from abroad

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    If you plan to live in Norway for more than 6 months, you must report your relocation to Norway no later than 8 days after your arrival.
  • New address abroad

    Norwegian Tax Administration
    If you move to a new address while you are abroad, you can notify the Tax Administration of your change of address.
  • Tenancy agreement

    Norwegian Consumer Council
    This agreement and the Tenancy Act (husleieloven) regulate the Tenant’s and the Lessor’s rights and obligations in the tenancy. A rental agreement must be drawn up in writing. The Tenancy Act takes precedence over any contractual terms and conditions.
  • Your Europe

    European Commission

    Your Europe is an EU site designed to give help and advice for EU nationals and their family. This includes advice for moving, living, studying, working, shopping or simply travelling abroad.

  • Pensioners in EU/EEA and Switzerland - health services


    This page explains your health rights as a pensioner that have moved to another EU/EEA country or Switzerland.

  • Info Norden - Nordic cooperation

    Nordic Council of Ministers

    Info Norden is the Nordic Council of Ministers' information service for persons moving, working and studiing in the Nordic region. 

  • Family residence rights in the EU

    European Commission

    Everything you need to know if family members are moving abroad with you, or are planning to join you.

  • Report a change of address to both the National Population Register and Norway Post

    Posten Norge AS

    Here you can report relocation to both Posten and the National Population Register (folkeregisteret). To ensure that you receive letters and parcels when you change your address, you must report the move  to Posten. You can also consent to the change of address being sent to the National Population Register.