Choose a digital mailbox

Soon all important letters from public agencies may be sent to your digital mailbox. Are you ready to receive them?

Why do you need a digital mailbox?

A digital mailbox is a secure solution to receive and store important mail digitally, such as letters with decisions, health information or other sensitive information. Public agencies can't use regular e-mail to send such information. If you are to receive important letters from public agencies digitally, you'll need a digital mailbox. 

With a digital mailbox from providers e-Boks or Digipost, you can also receive digital mail from private enterprises at the same place where you receive mail from public agencies.

There are several benefits in creating a digital mailbox:

  • It's more secure than all other mail.
  • It's free.
  • You receive and store important letters in one place, both from private and public enterprises. 
  • You have access to important letters no matter where you are.

Your choice: Digipost or e-Boks

You can choose between two mailboxes – Digipost or e-Boks. The mailboxes have equal status and both meet stringent security requirements. Creating and using the mailbox is free of charge. You can easily switch mailbox at a later stage if you want to.

How to get a digital mailbox

  1. Get out your electronic ID (e-ID), for example your BankID.
  2. Go to e-Boks or Digipost for more information about the different solutions. Choose the mailbox you want. 
  3. Follow the instructions from e-Boks or Digipost to create a mailbox. 

When you've created a mailbox with one of the providers, your digital mailbox address will automatically be added to the public contact register. You will then receive a text message from Difi confirming your choice of mailbox. Then you're ready to receive letters from public agencies digitally. When letters arrive, you'll be notified by SMS or e-mail.


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Need any help?

Information about the digital mailbox providers 

Digipost customer service: 

Digipost (
E-mail: or telephone 04004 (from outside Norway +47 21 31 62 60)

E-Boks customer service: 

e-Boks (  
E-mail: enquiry form or telephone (+47) 22 89 85 04 


User support for digital mailbox and ID-port log-in enquiries, from the Agency for Public Management and e-Government (Difi) 
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 15:30
Telephone: 800 30 300, free of charge from landlines in Norway.
Calls from outside Norway: +47 57 65 50 60


Last updated: 
27 November 2016